Questions & Answers

This is a collection of questions & answers about the app EventMap 4U. We hope that this will help you understand how the app works. If you have a question that is not answered here then please send it to us using the contact form.

Will the app find all facebook events?

The app will find a lot of events. But we can not claim that we will find all events. We do think we have the best search algorithm for finding Facebook pages at a given location and their events. Let us explain:

  • Facebook is not making this easy. They are not providing a straight forward way to find events at a given location.
  • EventMap 4U will find Facebook pages that have a location and have events listed.
    It will not find events on pages without a location.
  • Events may have its own location different from the Facebook page where it is listed. It will only be found if the hosting page location is in the search area.

Why is the search range varying between different locations?

Facebook are limiting the amount of data an app can request. Therefor we try to determine the optimal search range at the location. It will be bigger in rural areas and smaller in cities.

Why are there events shown that are far away?

This is because the host (or one of the hosts) of the event is located in the search area. But the event has its own location at another place.

Why can events be placed in the wrong place?

We will place events that lacks their own location at their hosts place. That can be the wrong place for the event. Often in this case the actual location can be found in the information text about the event. It might actually exist in cyberspace.

How do I share or respond to an event?

On the event details you can share the event to your friends. You can also open the events page on Facebook and interact with it there.

The information in an event is wrong! What can I do about it?

Open the Facebook page of the event and tell them what you believe is wrong.
If you find the information offensiv then report that to Facebook.