Privacy Policy

as of 19 September 2016
This Privacy Policy may change in future versions as we provide more functionality. Such changes will be clearly stated in the changelog of the app.

In short: EventMap 4U will never log, store or share any of your personal information. Period.

This Privacy Policy applies to the treatment of personal information in the application EventMap 4U (the app). The app is fully owned and provided by Ponocom Media AB (we, us), a limited company resident in Stockholm, Sweden. Please also read the Terms and Conditions of Use.

The Facebook login

The app requires the user to log into Facebook. This login dialog is provided by Facebook and will not expose your details like username or password to the app.

What personal information does EventMap 4U get?

From the Facebook login the app asks for permissions to the users “public profile”. Here you can read how Facebook explains this.

Out of what is included in “public profile” the app will only ask for:

  • Facebook id
  • name
  • timezone (will in later version be used to calculate local time of an event)
  • user access-token (read how Facebook explains)

The app will also obtain your current GPS location. But only if the current location is chosen for the search.

To implement new functionality it might be neccesary to ask for further Facebook permissions. On Facebook you can control what persmissions the app should have. Read further about managing your account on Facebook Help.

How does EventMap 4U use the personal information it gets?

The user access-token and location (current or chosen Google place) will be sent to our web-service. The web-service performs the search of public Facebook events. We will only retain personal information as long as necessary for the fulfillment of that purpose.

The app or web-service will not log, save, store, share or sell any of your personal information. We also regard your current GPS location as personal information.

What services is the app communicating with?

The app is communicating with these services (and only them):

  • Facebook
    – login
    – requesting event data and images
    – advertising
  • Google
    – Google Maps
    – Google Places
  • our own web-service
    – searches public Facebook events

Facebook services

We assume no responsibility or liability for Facebook’s policies and procedures. Please read Facebook Privacy Policy before using the app.

When using the Facebook login you agree to the permissions that we ask for. You can see an overview of the public information in your profile via the General Account Settings menu of your Facebook profile.

When using the app you agree to that we on your behalf search for, request data about and images of Facebook events.

The advertisements in the app is served by the Facebook Audience Network. We assume no responsibility or liability for advertising content. This is governed by the agreement between the user and Facebook. Please review how you can control the advertisements via the General Account Settings menu of your Facebook profile.

Google services

We assume no responsibility or liability for Google’s policies and procedures. Please read Google Privacy Policy before using the app.

The Google services Maps and  Places are used anonymously and the app will not communicate the users identity to Google. However, if the user is logged in to a Google account in another application then the user might be identified by Google.

Google set a number of cookies on any page that includes a Google Map. While we have no control over the cookies set by Google, they appear to include a mixture of pieces of information to measure the number and behaviour of Google Maps users.


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